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Steven Smith --- The Bahamas

Here is a glowing testimonial from one of our leaders in The Bahamas, Steven Smith, who was our first ever MX1 member to cycle, just 16 days after our launch:

Steven Smith, The Bahamas

Hi Mr. Valentine,

Good day to all MX1, MX3, and MX7 affiliate members. My recent cycle in MX1 has made a stronger believer out of me, and it shows that persons truly can make money online if they join the right program, and just put a little effort into building it.

I had no doubt that our mentor, motivator, and leader Mr. James Lee Valentine, founder of all the MX programs would pay out, he is a man of his word. One of his recent promises I am truly excited about, is that, he has promised to run MX1, MX3, and MX7 until 2020, and possibly beyond should these programs continue to grow.

This fact has caused me to reaffirm my commitment to building my MX1, MX3, and MX7 business. Therefore, I am holding weekly meetings at my home with the great and loving people of my country, The Bahamas. A special big thank you goes out to all of them, especially Kevin Kemp, Dotlene Edgecome, and Villadale Rolle, who are my top team leaders here in The Bahamas.

I was also excited to learn by Mr. Valentine that I was the first person to cycle in MX1 world wide, this has caused great excitement to myself and all of my MX1 affiliate members.

Receiving my $700 after cycling with 14 people has been nothing more than amazing. I was truly over taken by the automatic features of the system, in that my funds was sitting right there waiting on me to press the withdrawal button. Wow! Simply awesome.

Now that I have cycled out of MX1, I have advanced into MX3, and also working along with all of my MX1 affiliate members to cycle too, and enter MX3 with me. I have also received automatic re-entry into MX1. All I wish to say to every body is, take the MX1, MX3, and MX7 programs serious, and treat it like a business, and you too will soon have a cycling story of your own. Love you all guys, Keep telling others about MX1, MX3, and MX7, you will be greatly rewarded.

Steven Smith
MX Member


Asif Raza Syed --- Pakistan

This young and enthusiastic MX1 member from Pakistan was our second person to ever cycle in MX1 after just 18 days in the program. Asif Raza Syed is leading a fast-growing team of MX1 members in Pakistan, where it is safe to say that MX1 is on fire!

Asif Raza Syed, Pakistan

It was one evening in April 2011, I was having tea and surfing the internet. The one website I visited was MillionaireX1 to be launched on May 1st, 2011. I decided to have word with the owner of MillionaireX1, then, I wrote to Mr. James Lee Valentine and asked him about his corporation. I was fully convinced the way he presented himself and the corporation. This confidence led me ahead and I joined MillionaireX1 and Say Yes To Success!

My aspiration, my passion, resulted in the achievement that to me is, “I am among the few ones who are the toppers in MillionaireX1”. I am fully confident that MillionaireX1 will soon get me to the level I want to be.

Moreover, to the MillionaireX1, I feel immense pleasure in mentioning that it has a powerful pay-plan of 7:1 ratio, which I have never seen before in my life. Infact it was a very happy moment when I was rewarded the first commission of $700 from MillionaireX1 for completing the first matrix within 18 days only.

I invite you all around the world to the platform of MillionaireX1. Come, join and Say Yes To Success!

Asif Raza Syed
MX Member


Brian Wright --- USA

Here is a powerful testimonial from one of our leaders in USA, Brian Wright of New Hampshire, who absolutely loves the new MX programs. As Brian states, "Yes we are masters now of our own blessed good fortune."

Brian Wright, New Hampshire, USA

MX1 is the perfect network opportunity!

For a one-time payment of $100 I forever become a subscriber eligible a) to receive 100 Daily Millionizers-- informative and inspiring videos promoting success and spiritual fulfillment--from world motivational leader James Lee Valentine and b) to propagate (an unlimited number of) a simple 'two-who-recruit-two-who-recruit-two' matrix of success-oriented people… where each completed matrix earns $700 right-now, online cash-money payment.

Nothing can be simpler or easier to share with others. For each turn of the network cycle I only need to recruit two people. From experience with former incarnations of the Millionaire X systems, I know Mr. Valentine's international business' online systems function perfectly and make the signup and payment processes immediate and hassle free.

I am so excited to be part of such a fabulous, scrupulously honest, and positive-life-transformational business, especially here at the beginning, after hearing several MX1 subscribers worldwide have completed their initial matrixes and are starting on their next ones. There really isn't a wrong way to promote MX1. My particular methods are through ads on my Web column-and-review site, The Coffee Coaster:

I will also develop simple literature (ads, business cards, flyers, banners, presentations) to make widely available internationally online and down to my immediate bricks-and-mortar community here in Southeast Michigan.

MX1 puts a smile on my face. The thought of millions of persons coming on board, not just for the business opportunity but for the positive life incentives of the Daily Millionizers, makes me optimistic for the future of humankind. Additional materials and financial benefits come with the MX3 and MX7 levels of doing the Millionaire X business, where the accelerative 2x3 network architecture remains in place and the one-time subscriptions are $300 (cycle paying $2100) and $700 (cycle paying $4900), respectively.

MXn is the practical dollars-and-sense fulfillment of my vision of a liberty-and-abundance filled future. Thank you, James Valentine, thank you. This is good, this is practical, and everyone is invited to the party. Goodbye gloom and doom--and the little men of tyranny--forever. "Yes we are masters now of our own blessed good fortune."

Brian Wright
MX Charter Member
Author of the Sacred Nonaggression Principle


Dave West --- United Kingdom

MX1 is really taking off big time. This is to be expected as the joining fee is only US$100 ONE-TIME wherein members are joined for life and can earn again and again and again without ever spending another cent in any form of admin fees or recycling costs. Here is a riveting testimonial from one of our members in United Kingdom, Dave West:

Dave West, Cumbria, UK

Friends told me they would believe it when they see it, as I set out to supplement my offline earnings with a secondary income from the internet.

That was several years ago and most times they were right to be skeptical as I tried and failed with a number of ventures on a painful and expensive learning curve.

I succeeded in some small measure, but not until now have I found a strategy so simple and yet so powerful, that both empowers my personal life and promises to boost my bank balance considerably.

MX1, the first of three levels of subscription, offering fantastic revenue share just for spreading the word, whilst being empowered by motivational and inspirational videos from an internationally published author and speaker, is about to change my life dramatically.

In just a few short weeks since I joined on launch day I am already getting very close to the point of earning seven times my one-off subscription - $700 for a one-time $100. And that is just the start.

Without being asked to pay a cent more, I will earn that $700 again and again during the life of a program that is guaranteed to be online for the next ten years. Even better, I can then take it to the next level of $2,100 for $300, and the next level, of $4,900 for $700.

One of the first steps I have taken is to contact a few of those friends to tell them about my achievements and show them how MX1 works. When they see it, THEY are starting to believe it, too!

I can absolutely recommend MX1, combined with the two higher earning levels of MX3 and MX7, to anyone as a lasting solution to the search for significant income. It offers the highest commission payout ratio in online marketing. What is more, it is uncomplicated and easy to understand and promote.

Dave West
MX Charter Member

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